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Set on the construction site of the Working Dawgs game series, players will need to work quickly and efficiently to complete the challenging pipe puzzles before time runs out.

Using different pipe shapes, wrenches, and even bombs, players will be able to route the incoming water flow and direct it to the puzzle’s goal. With 80 unique and progressively challenging puzzles, players will be increasingly entertained as they save the work site from the impending water.

As the player progresses through each puzzle, The Working Dawgs will help the player by delivering integral pipe pieces and wrenches. As each puzzle is completed, the player will be awarded points, earning them an overall construction grade. The additional challenge of earning the highest grade on each puzzle makes this game even more captivating.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Working class

Taking a page almost directly from the book of Pipe Mania, the hilariously titled Working Dawgs: A-maze-ing Pipes is a puzzle game that involves moving water from one place to another using a complex series of tubes. If you've played this type of game...

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Joygame51 said:

I enjoyed the old "Pipes" for the old Gb.
I really wonder it this is even on par?

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