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Begin the search for Wally, his friends and more in Travel Pack 1!

Based on the hit publishing series, Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey Travel Pack 1 is the ultimate SEARCH & FIND FUN inside the magical worlds of The Gobbling Gluttons, The Battling Monks and The Carpet Flyers. Challenge friends or play solo as you search for hidden items, and be ready for surprises and sabotage to fuel the fun!

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Find him at your own risk

Where's Wally, known in the United States as Where's Waldo, has quite a history. Originally released in 1987 as a seek-and-find activity book, it soon became an international hit, spawning many sequels, a comic strip, a TV series and a number of video...

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vince220 said:

I might consider it, but I'm worried the screen is too small for this game to be near as enjoyable as it is with the Where's Waldo books.



Dsiwarehunter said:

What in the world!? Get the book, it should be better. The screen may be too small, and the book is also portable. Then again, I should give this a chance...



realar said:

Wow, blast from the past!
Never thought I'd see Where's Waldo again.



weirdproq said:

@Tigus This game is based off the the books of the same name (Where's Waldo/Wally). In the books you would look for Waldo/Wally in a picture spanning 2 pages with lots of stuff. You would also look for lots of other items and people.

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