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Introducing 100 “Super Hard Puzzles” for the hardened sudoku veteran.

All puzzles are skillfully designed for a level of satisfaction that computer-generated puzzles just can't offer. You can play through puzzles to learn about rules and controls in Tutorials mode. Other handy features include Write Mode and Temp Number for an easier, more enjoyable sudoku experience.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Beginners beware

This past summer, sudoku-holics were blessed with Hudson's Sudoku Student and Sudoku Master, which brought hand-crafted puzzles straight from Nikoli to the DSi Shop. However, where Student was for beginners and Master had a little bit of something for...

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Hardy83 said:

Oh geez. This is probably really hard versions where you start with...3 numbers? lol pass. I sucked enough as it is on the Master version.

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