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Once a big-time boss, you are now down and out, forced into the small time after your company was driven into bankruptcy by an underhanded competitor who stooped lower than even you would dare.

Of course, revenge is a dish best served cold – over a drink at an expensive club, which is where the game takes place. Rebuild your fortune and show your competitor who’s really the boss. This is a witty card game with a few simple rules to test your intelligence.

Starting with a small amount of resources, money and action cards, try to use those cards to cunningly step forward until you have sold all of your resources to others. Set strategies in motion to increase the value of your resources.

Don’t forget: Your ultimate goal is to introduce your competitors to bankruptcy.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Sell it

Quick! What's the most convoluted and fun-deprived card game on the DSiWare service?Wrong: it's The Seller, an unnecessarily complicated and almost completely unstimulating card game that probably won't even keep you awake long enough to irritate the Hell...

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jones2929 said:

As a bankruptcy attorney, I think I have a duty to download this game and check it out.

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