Sea Battle (DSiWare)

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Hidden in the untamed ocean awaits an enemy ready to attack.

Launch strikes and counter-strikes with missiles and powerful torpedoes to locate and submerge your enemy’s entire fleet. Use new, bonus items such as scanners to gain intelligence and detect the location of your enemy. Challenge your friends to battles against your fleet with DS Wireless Play to see who really rules the seas or tackle missions and battles on your own in three different single player modes. Your only hope of survival is to uncover your enemy’s whereabouts before they uncover yours!


  • Based on the iconic naval battle themed paper and pencil game with exciting new features
  • Battle in classic mode, missions mode or the new modern mode which includes additional features such as mines and diagonal ship placement
  • DS Wireless Play feature available for wild sea battles against friends
  • A range of map sizes with increasing difficulty levels for progressively intense battles

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USA USA Version

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Please sink this battleship

It's surprising there aren't more DS titles based on the classic board game Battleship. The DS, with its plastic exterior and flip-up dual screens, looks remarkably like a Milton Bradley Battleship board you probably have stuffed in the back of a closet...

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Donjwolf said:

Neat. Interesting. I've been waiting for a Battleship-esque game for a while now. I'm actually still waiting for Radar Mission to appear on CN awards (stupidly didn't get it first time around), but maybe this one will be better. It's a dollar less too.

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