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Rabi Laby requires teamwork, dedication and the love of a great adventure.

Alice is a spunky young girl who adores her fluffy pet rabbit named Rabi. One day Alice was looking for Rabi and finally found him right before he jumped into a small hole in a tree. Without thinking twice, Alice jumped in after him. This is where their magical adventure begins. Alice and Rabi encounter intriguing animals and creatures that may lead them to the exit, or stop them from escaping. Together they will explore and discover things unlike anything they've ever seen before.

They must work as a team to find the key and escape each area of the mighty labyrinth. Both Alice and Rabi have their own unique abilities and you must switch between them in order to complete each area and ultimately escape the labyrinth's grasp. The labyrinth awaits you...

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Down the rabbit hole

These days, with the recent release of Paul’s Shooting Adventure and Paul’s Monster Adventure, it seems as though Agetec is trying to claim the title of "most bizarre games available on DSiWare". Keeping the tradition alive, now the...

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ToxieDogg said:

Really like the look of this :) ...I'll be waiting to read the review to find out how challenging the game is before I spend points on it though.

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