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Puzzle to Go Baby Animals is the jigsaw puzzle for on the move.

Puzzle together the most beautiful motifs wherever and whenever you like. Collect stars for each completed jigsaw puzzle and release new images. Each motif is available in three different degrees of difficulty.

Would you rather decide yourself on the images you wish to puzzle together? No problem! Puzzle to Go also allows you to puzzle together all the images from the 'Nintendo DSi Camera Album'.

10 unique motifs with cute baby animals
3 different degrees of difficulty: 68, 88 or 130 pieces
Play to obtain stars and release new motifs
Puzzle together all images stored in your album
Please note that elements of this software may have been featured in previously released software.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A puzzle best left unsolved

It's been almost ten months since the last time we received a Puzzle to Go game. We've clearly stated our complaints about the previous two games in our past reviews, but have the developers taken the time to improve this latest outing?When you first...

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FluttershyGuy said:

SO CUTE MY HEAD IS SWIMMING WITH THOUGHTS OF FUZZY, CUDDLY BUNNIES! Instant buy when I get 3DS and finally have 3DS/DSiWare shopping access in May!

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