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It's been almost ten months since the last time we received a Puzzle to Go game. We've clearly stated our complaints about the previous two games in our past reviews, but have the developers taken the time to improve this latest outing?

When you first start you'll notice that the menus look, expectedly, exactly the same as those of the previous instalments. That indeed means there's still the same two modes: the default puzzles, and the ability to use a picture taken with your DSi camera and split that up into pieces.

There are only ten default puzzles, but you can only play four of them right off the bat, with the other six earned by conquering the first four. Unfortunately, this is still done in the same way as previous titles. Each puzzle has three difficulty levels, each splitting it into more pieces. It would be very nice if one could simply solve each puzzle on the highest difficulty and instantly "clear" all three difficulties, but this is not the case.

The first unlockable puzzle only requires four clears, which means that you could access it by simply clearing each of the first four once each, but as each subsequent unlock costs more, you'll have to go back and beat previous puzzles again on different difficulty levels, which will get tedious very quickly.

There's still nothing really wrong with the gameplay itself, although it is a bit unremarkable, as you might expect of a jigsaw game. You can grab puzzle pieces with the stylus, and then use the D-Pad or face buttons to move the screen around, and you can also zoom in and out if you want to move around faster.

Puzzle to Go Baby Animals Review - Screenshot 1 of

It's disappointing that with almost a full year of time between this and the last release, the developers have not taken any time to address the rather obvious irritating points from the previous games, with literally the only change being that the puzzle images are different.


As was expected, this instalment of Puzzle to Go is just like the previous two. Impatient people need not apply: only those who are willing to solve the same puzzles three times each to unlock a handful more will get anything out of this, and we don't think that's too many people.