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The baby puffins need your help!

Reunite the missing baby puffin eggs with their mothers in Puffins: Let's Roll. Several eggs have been misplaced, and they're just about ready to hatch. Use an innovative new control scheme to roll the egg around 20 levels of fiendish puzzles. Race against the clock in two exciting game modes: Safely return the egg to its mother in Egg Roll or try to collect all of the Golden Capelin in Capelin Catch. Beware of rocks, trees, ice and other hazards as you roll the eggs back to the safety of their mothers. Take too long or bump into too many obstacles and you'll have a cranky baby Puffin on your hands.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Let's not

It's kind of a bummer when games come out with controls that just don't fit the platform. This wasn't much of a problem a mere generation ago, but with the plethora of options today ranging from button to motion and touch it's become more prevalent an...

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sykotek said:

Looks like two games ripped out of the DS retail release of Puffin's Island Adventure already available on clearance at a big box retailer near you with 98 more mini games.

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