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Take your time, set your own pace, establish your own goals and adapt your play style however you like. Primrose rules are easy: There are no time limits, no levels, no arbitrary objectives and no constraints.

Just place pairs of tiles on a game grid and attempt to corral groups of tiles with pieces of a different color. Surrounded tiles disappear and surrounding tiles change colors, allowing chain effects to trigger combos for massive points. You can play long matches and try to keep up with increasing levels of difficulty, or just go all out on a huge single-move combo for millions of points.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

DSiWare sees one of its most rewarding puzzlers yet

Indie (like, really indie) developer Jason Rohrer's portfolio is filled to the brim with what may be best referred to as interactive art: works like Passage, Gravitation and Between operate on a whole different emotional and philosophical plane than a...

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ErrorSupply said:

I really like this game. The flow of the gameplay is different than any puzzle game I can think of, and is the sort of game you can enjoy time and time again. I only wish they had left the original graphics as an option, because I think their elegant simplicity went better with the gameplay.

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