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Life is hard for Sam the Prehistorik Man.

With three-and-a-half hours of work each week, there's barely time to fit in all the sleeping, eating and cave-painting that needs to be done. When greedy dinosaurs guzzle his village's winter food source, Sam gets mad. Armed with his best club and his powerful hunter's voice, Sam needs your help to proceed through 22 levels of food-gathering and dinosaur-bashing. With fast-paced action, hundreds of secret areas, weapons and unlikely vehicles to find, you'll need to be smart. Well…smarter than Sam, anyway.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

A real dinosaur

Originally released for DOS as Prehistorik 2, Prehistorik Man has seen ports to the Game Boy, SNES, and GBA already, and it seems the GBA version has been ported to DSiWare this time around. In each version, the story is the same — hungry dinosaurs have...

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Terra said:

I have a feeling this will be a similar style release to Oscar In Toyland. Not gameplay-wise, just by how it's being released



gerhilt said:

Interplay has a video of this game up on youtube. They have a link to it up on their website, if your interested.

There's no sound on the video, though.

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