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The third title of the successful series “Music on”, Acoustic Guitar, contains a catalog with over 900 chords, that shows how to place the fingers in a real guitar and allows to listen them!

Moreover, it also contains 5 styles to accompany one's performance.

Other features:

  • 8 definable chords on the Control Pad,
  • Intensity detection while strumming,
  • Palm mute function,
  • 5 accompaniment styles,
  • 4 variations for each accompaniment,
  • 8 predefined chord selection per style,
  • Metronome,
  • Save up to 10 sessions (chords, tempo and style selected).

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Posted by Bryan Griffin

Good guitar or bad lyre?

Music On: Acoustic Guitar is like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree – its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you know your way around a fret board, you may see it as a fun tool to mess with when you can't lug your giant six-string around with you...

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User Comments (6)



yodude said:

Actually looks pretty good,,,,,,,,,,,
Update 9;12.2010
Downloaded the other day and glad I did. Lots of stuff packed into this $2 download, great aesthetics. I like this better then Jam Session as you can strum each string. Hopefully there will be an electric guitar version soon.

9 out of 10 for me, can't find any fault with this app.



sam322 said:

@james newton i've seen a video.The sound is alright,but the controls look complicated,so that's why i said 'not worth buying'
Question james newton
Are you going to review this game soon?



VinylFly said:

I downloaded this a few hours ago and am really surprised at the amount of stuff jammed into this 200 point "app". Not only are there many chords to choose from when programing the sounds to the 4 directional buttons, but the option to just pluck a few strings at a time gives the chords themselves some diversity. So even if you choose, say, an E of some kind, you can either strum the 6 strings to create the chord, or just a few strings to add some personal touches. Oh, and you can "palm mute" the strings for further, on-the-fly customization.

I guess I'd give it a 8 of 10, if I were to review it. If you liked the keyboard, you'll definitely enjoy this...especially if you use Audacity or some other music-capturing device. Good stuff!



sam322 said:

@vinylfly after reading your comment,i would like to purchase this title.I sort of liked retro keyboard,so according to what you said i might like this game.Thanks for changing my mind

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