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Turn back time and enjoy a bit of classic game play based on the original Super Mario Bros. with Mario Clock.

Help Mario and Luigi collect more coins than ever (POW block anyone?) while they run through a variety of stages. Gather enough coins and you’ll be treated to another scene bound to bring back fond memories for many. Mario Clock includes both analog and digital clocks that use the system’s internal clock or allow you to offset the time however you like. Program up to three alarms (with snooze functionality for those that need it) and assign them a Mario-related sound or use one created in the Nintendo DSi™ Sound application. You’ll find yourself thinking “Just a few more coins...” in no time!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A waste of time

We've already seen Animal Crossing Clock released on the DSiWare service, so a Mario Clock was a foregone conclusion. Not much has changed really; Nintendo has basically taken the very same clock functions available in the Animal Crossing Clock...

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nintendofred said:

i am excited becuse of this new game/app coming out.there is a animal crosing one but i hate that game.i amk also excited for the interactions coming out for this game.



LGamer said:

I saw on Youtube, that if you can jump trough te side-scrolling level and if you collect 100 coins, than will change one number on the clock, into a little mario. If you collect 1200 coins and all the numbers have changed into Mario's, than you see a little movie



RurouniTeeter said:

Correction LGamer;
You collect 100 coins, then you switch as Luigi, and you see a little Mario, then a little Luigi, and so on until you fill all 12 hours up.
And the little movie is very simple, if anyone wants to know I can tell them. XD I downloaded this. It's actually a good fun clock!



RurouniTeeter said:

Zelda clock? Seriously? How many clocks can Nintendo make? Oh well. Just buy the photo clock if you want a Zelda clock. Take some photos with your camera of Zelda pictures, record Zelda sounds, bam! A Zelda-for-now-clock. I know, isn't the same and I bet the Zelda one will have some fun interaction maybe like the Mario one.



blackknight77 said:

This is not bad for a Clock application. It looks good and sounds good. It lets you collect coins to save the Princess and the alarms are classic SMB tunes. The worst part is having the stupid ESRB warning before you start the game. The AC clock did not have it. Why does this one? Take it out now Nintendo!



Atlantis1982 said:

I think if they do a Zelda clock, it should be the Moon from Majoras Mask crashing down on the town! (Evil grin)



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

It's worth downloading for 200 points! It gives you somewhat fun / short Mario experience. It's probably best played waiting.



kid_code said:

I have this. I couldn't be bothered getting my other games so I just survived with Mario clock and asphalt 4. don't do it, it gets boring

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