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Take control of Magnetic Joe, everyone's favorite little magnetic sphere.

Guide him through 100 exciting mazes filled with spikes, enemies and other obstacles. Help Joe as he pursues his nemesis, Dr. Magnevil, who's on his way to conquer the world. The mazes are full of magnets that push and pull Joe in different directions. Your task is to skillfully use their magnetic force to get Joe to the exit unharmed.

Use the magnetic force carefully – the levels are filled with surprises, and a boss could be lurking.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More polarising than magnetic

Magnetic Joe first became popular as a mobile game back in 2006, using its simplistic control scheme and colourful visuals to garner a fairly decent audience over the years. Now the game has come to Nintendo's DSiWare service, and it remains very similar...

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James said:

I'd love a Super Magnetic Neo 2. The first one is ace, although that evil baby has made me afraid to procreate.

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