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Looksley the rabbit needs your assistance to finish the story he’s writing.

Guide him through a world based on famous fairy tales and folk stories from around the globe, helping him to gather inspiration by finding hidden items along the way. In this unique take on hidden-picture games, you’ll move the Nintendo DSi system to change your view of various 3-D dioramas. Peer deeply into the scene as you shift the system, watching as layers within the diorama move to reveal previously unseen letters and objects.

As you collect these letters and objects, you’ll meet new characters and spell words that will open additional stages with more sets of hidden items to find. Particular stages contain secret pictures, testing your observation skills even further. Scour each scene’s incredible depth and detail as you lend Looksley a hand in completing his masterpiece. Players of all ages will love this visual puzzle challenge and be amazed to see that even the same spot can look different from another angle.

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Great idea marred by a crap camera

Lookskley's Line Up should be a near-perfect game. It's beautiful, immersive and inventive. It fails, however, to perfect the area in which it innovates, and the experience suffers as a result.The game does something quite creative with the system's...

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User Comments (11)



amk93091 said:

OMG Please let that game come to America and every where else. It looks so beautiful too. I NEED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!



winter123 said:

I just got it it's called "Looksley" Right now I am having a lot of problems as my walls are the same general color as my face. I'm trying a different room



jenisnape said:

It's pretty cool, but I am also have camera troubles...I had to go outside for it to work (where I then had glare issues). Hopefully I can find a better place for this to work.



Myndaember said:

We have all taken something flat and acted like it had a room or something in it when we were kids. Or one of those holographic images where at different angles it showed something different, well that is exactly what Looksley's Line Up is. Looksley's Line Up is a 3 dimensional video game, of a different level. The DSi, lacking a tilt sensor, takes a "picture" of your face and it recognizes it though out the game. It finds your face and when you tilt the system it notices it and reacts accordingly. Tilt the DSi backwards and you can see it as if it was really something tilting backwards.

So basically it is a Hidden Picture game/3D RPG. There is a story to go along with it. You are a rabbit writing a story. You then travel around the kingdom trying to write your story. To me it is a weak story for it but the game play is fun, though limited. There are several levels they each have 1 word and several pictures to find it it.

Conclusion: Is it worth spending 500 points one:
Well if you are one of those people who like games like I-spy, if you like puzzels or if you bought, "Hot and Cold: A 3D Hidden Object Adventure" then you would probally like to buy this. If you don't like those then you might not want to buy it.




winter123 said:

CAMERA SOLUTION (?): I found holding the DSi flat and taking the picture of your face with the cieling in the background works. Because if there's something like a picture frame or even bright light in the background it thinks it's your face when you tilt.

This is a very fun and addictive game, and it's cool how you need to find all the letters on certain stages before you can move on to other stages. I am stuck before the cave however. What do I do with the beans I got? There's nothing about items in the menu...

I'm thinking more 8 or 9 out of 10 so far.



winter123 said:

I think you need an evenly lit room... windows on all sides. Downstairs in a newly painted room it was working almost perfectly for hours. I have been trying for 20 minutes to get it to consistently work in my own room with only windows on 2 sides, lights that are bright but only light up part of the room... can't get it to work... it just seems overly picky.




The game just pales into comparison with that cat. Who gives a damn about some revolutionary 3D video game (which looks decent) when there's a cat in the background. AND ITS WASHING ITS EARS!!!!



winter123 said:

I had a lot of fun with it but yeah, when the sun went down I could not get even light in the room and using any type of lamp causes the game to think the light reflecting off the wall or ceiling is your head. Why can't it recognize eyes and mouth instead of just a round blob shape? This is probably going to knock my 9 I was going to give it down to a 7 or 6. It's a shame because the game itself is so engaging.



Myndaember said:

What I had done, which was fun, was I made it sense my hand and so I could "control" it with my hand as if It was magic.



sfcitygirl said:

I wanted to like it, but after a while, I felt like I had mild case of motion sickness!

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