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Run like the wind in this unique twist on the classic platform game!

Take control of a stick man and run for your life across an obstacle course to reach the goal within 10 seconds.

Move like your life depends on it, dashing across platforms, avoiding hazards, desperately trying to reach the exit in under 10 seconds.

Go flat out over 50 stages and three game modes.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

More than ten seconds of fun

With the GO Series, Gamebridge is attempting to give once Japan-exclusive DSiWare a chance elsewhere in the world. Their first pick for release in Europe is 10 Second Run, a very simple little title which greatly resembles something one would expect to...

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I'm fairly interested but wary of purchasing 1000 points just for this...any thoughts...? They would be much appreciated. :)



GlasS said:

A nice and fun platform, but the physics seem overly simplistic and you fall at the speed of light. I personally can't pass Lvl. 40. A '7' is right in the ball park here.

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