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Make your friends laugh with Faceez!

Take pictures of their faces with Nintendo DSi Camera and then animate them, dress them up with funny accessories and place them in your own favourite settings!

Give free reign to your imagination with millions of possible combinations!

Thanks to the Nintendo DSi’s connectivity with Facebook you can easily share your creations with friends to let them see themselves in a new light!

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Fun with friends

The DSi has been getting some love lately in terms of games that take advantage of its onboard cameras, but applications geared toward straight-up photo manipulation are still somewhat sparse. Neko Entertainment has come forward to help fill the gap with...

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User Comments (11)



cheetahman91 said:

If there's one thing I've learned when it comes to gaming, it's not buying games with the letter z attached at the end of a word. (if you know what I mean ;))



Macaronius said:

Remove the "a" and put an "e" in it's place
Take out one of the "e" 's
There you have it, feces with a z instead of an s.
I am soooo immature.



Morpheel said:

faceez? in my dsi?
it's more likely than you think.

...just because using the faces filter in the camera got boring.
I hope this can save gifs to the SD card or something :P



nintendopower33 said:

i just downloaded this game just because i had dowloaded everyy 200 point game except this and its not tht badd, ..... :P



nintendopower33 said:

@piguy101 if u have the extra points, download it, if ur never gonna get points ever again, download army defender, but this is an okay app, its not ttat bad

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