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Digger Dan has always loved digging.

That’s probably how he got his name, although nobody knows for sure. He also loves gems, and he just happens to have found a ton of them. However, all of the gems are in some pretty nasty caves, so you’re going to have to help Dan get them out. Dan has sent Kaboom, his pet gopher, into the caves to find the best place to start, but he hasn’t returned. Kaboom has a habit of falling asleep, though, so it looks like Dan is going to have to rescue him too.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Dig it

Digger Dan & Kaboom, right off the bat, has a lot going against it. For one thing, its title sounds like the name of some rejected Disney Channel cartoon trying to channel the success of Bob the Builder, and its awful CG concept art isn't doing much...

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SteveW said:

I downloaded this, it's the best Boulder Dash clone I've seen! and lots of levels! 10/10



ImDiggerDan said:

Thanks Steve! I'm the programmer on this project and it's fantastic to hear that someone not related to me is enjoying the game at long last!



slidecage said:

how many levels hopefully a review soon tried dash game.. seems very quick.... tempted but i think i wait



ImDiggerDan said:

Well, since I like money, definitely yes!

With some attempt at impartiality, read the review. If you like puzzle based games, I think this one has a lot to offer.

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