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  • 6th Jun 2011 (USA), 200 points
  • 9th Feb 2012 (UK/EU), 200 points

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Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party Screenshot
Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party Screenshot


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    Just crazy enough to work

    If there’s one thing that can certainly be said about DSiWare games, it’s this: no matter how ridiculous the name of your game is, it can be made. Proving this point with much gusto is Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party, the latest addition to the countless puzzle games already available on the service. But, beyond the title, is this one different and original enough to..

About The Game

Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party is a drag-and-drop-style matching game that casual gamers will enjoy.

The objective is to switch two objects to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more objects of the same color. Players can win various awards by matching more objects and creating combos. The game contains colorful graphics, a Crazy Cheebo character and lots of humorous videos. You can have even more fun when you compete against your friends in multiplayer games.