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  • Nintendo Download 30th August 2010 (North America)

    Elastic on WiiWare; Piano, Notebooks and Cosmos on DSiWare

    After a short delay the Nintendo Download is available, and sadly brings with it no surprises, meaning August ends with more of a whimper than a bang. WiiWare: Tales of Elastic Boy: Mission 1 (600pts, Lexis Numerique) – A platformer from the creators of the PooYoos games, this was released...

  • News Collect this Cosmos X2 Trailer to Activate its Powers

    500 Points for side-scrolling shooter

    DSiWare fans wanting a spot of shooting action on Monday may want to set their sights on Cosmos X2, a 500 Point download from Saturnine Games that looks to emulate the classic side-scrollers of old. Here's the first trailer followed by the official press release containing everything you need to know. Saturnine Games announces the upcoming release of Cosmos..

  • News Cosmos X2 Blasts DSiWare Next Monday

    500 Point shooter inbound

    Following the announcement of Cosmos X2 for DSiWare in June, the team at Saturnine Games has been in touch to let us know the game is set to blow up the service on Monday for 500 Points. With a choice of weapons to upgrade, six stages and three bonus modes, this could be a tidy buy at 500 Points. We'll bring you a full...


  • News DSiWare Gets a Little More Shoot 'em Up with Cosmos X2

    Spaceships and bullets beckon

    Sudoku, crosswords, solitaire: these fine pursuits are all well and good for those tranquil moments we all enjoy from time to time, but when you want to get stuck into some heavy duty blasting there aren't many options on DSiWare. Here comes Saturnine Games to introduce one more to the mix, unveiling its new 2D shoot...