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Feed your appetite for wordy fun in this download version of PopCap’s hit word-puzzle game.

Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to build words and feed Lex in Bookworm Classic mode. But watch out for burning letters – they could spell disaster for you and Lex. Use Reward Tiles and spell Bonus Words to boost your score and link your best words to enter the Hall of Fame. Play unlimited levels of word-puzzle fun and learn new words on the go. You’ll relax and tune up your brain every time you play.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

A classic puzzler in its most basic form

PopCap has made quite the name for itself over the years as the go-to developer for supremely addictive casual games, so it's only natural for the company to worm their way onto Nintendo's handheld. The Bookworm series has been a staple of word game...

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Macaronius said:

hope popcap brings more games to dsiware. this is a little off topic but, any1 know the game insaniquarium? that would be perfect for dsiware. Don't you think?



Bobpie said:

I agree with protozone.quadrant. Insaniquarium would be great on DSi Ware. Hopefully this gets to NZ!



bootnoo said:

Man I wish i could buy this but sadly i have no dsi points. >insert-tear-here<



leftoverINDK said:

Bookworm for the DSiWare is overall a good game. It lacks some of the game modes like the Timed one which I loved the most, but considered at how it is a mere $5 as opposed to the $20 pc version it is a really good value. It tracks your scores and saves your best words. And as Bobpie said I would absoolutely LOVE Insaniquarium to be ported onto here.



videoqueen1000 said:

well, they have a version for the dsi now. i am not surprised. (is that surprised spelling correct?) anyway, they have versions for computer, video games, all sorts of stuff. but the game is fun. :)



videoqueen1000 said:

oh, and there is this fun game also by popcap. it's called chuzzle deluxe. it would be a miracle if that one game went to dsiware. :D



cheapogamer4life said:

Now that Eurpe will be geting this nobody beter not never try to to top my (like) 20 milloin for this one. Seriouslly, don't even try! :3

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