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The monkeys are getting serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air and sea in the style of classic tower defense.

Utilising a ranking system you can build up your experience and gain access to powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion. Bloons TD 4 features a mix of classic tracks from the online game as well as a whole host of new tracks for you to master. The medal ranking system adds an extra level of difficulty to the challenge. Can you battle through all 75 rounds to earn the gold medal?


  • It's time to achieve total Bloon popping satisfaction.
  • This time in the form of classic TD.
  • Can you pop all the bloons before they escape?
  • All your favourite towers and upgrades

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Pop it and drop it

Last year the DSiWare service saw the release of Bloons TD. It was an unimpressive but acceptable entry into the overstuffed tower defence genre, and this year we're leaping ahead three sequels to Bloons TD 4. If Bloons TD 4 is at all representative of...

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mayhem13 said:

Avoid it like the plague...aside from lacking 75% of what the PC version had. It also has hideous slowdown (I'm talking 3-5 frames per second!). It also has the dubious destinction of the being the first DS game to ever freeze on me. It froze on level 63 of level 1 (the simplest looking of all the levels) and if you play on hard mode, you need to complete 65 or 75 levels to beat it. Horribly broken. I like Bloons TD games and I like TD games in general. But this version, avoid it. Its not worth playing for free in this condition.



kid_code said:

wait. bloons is on ds? SHUT UP AND TAKE MEH POINTS. oh wait I don't have any

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