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In Antipole, players bend the laws of gravity in their quest to fend off a robot invasion.

Players are given the ability to invert gravity in the area around them. The inverted gravity affects not only the player but also anything else nearby, including enemies, objects, and pools of acid.

Players must journey through the robot spaceship using their ability to manipulate gravity to progress through increasingly harder challenges. Players face traditional platforming challenges along with more advanced puzzles testing their ability to move objects such as blocks and keys through the levels to help them advance.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Rock you like a Hurricane

While it may be difficult to achieve the recognition and greatness of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge or Cave Story, platform adventure games are still very welcome on DSiWare. Antipole, the newest title from Saturnine Games, might not be the most original...

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47drift said:

So it's basically VVVVVV, but you play as a Carmen Sandiego / Dante type character? Neat.

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