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Your journey takes place in the Unova region two years after the events of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.

You’ll start your adventure in Aspertia City, in the far southwest corner of the Unova region. Many things have changed in the region, including some extraordinary new places and people for you to discover. Plus, many of the returning characters from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version have taken on new roles when you meet them.

Look forward to uncovering the mystery of Black Kyurem — or White Kyurem — somewhere in the Unova region. Little is known about this enigmatic Pokémon, except that it’s a Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon with a devastating Ice-type attack — even stronger than Zekrom’s Fusion Bolt or Reshiram’s Fusion Flare!

Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 have a special connection with Pokémon Dream Radar for the Nintendo 3DS system. The Pokémon you obtain in Pokémon Dream Radar can be sent to your Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 game! Get more information on Pokémon Dream Radar now.

And to help you with the many Pokémon found in the Unova region, look forward to Pokédex 3D Pro, another Nintendo 3DS title that’s on the way to the Nintendo eShop. With Pokédex 3D Pro, you’ll have information on every Pokémon in the National Pokédex—just what you need to become a master Trainer. Learn more about Pokédex 3D Pro!

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Posted by Joe Walker

Pokémon used Sequel! It’s super effective!

It's fitting that the franchise typically relied upon to sell Nintendo handhelds is also the swansong that bids farewell to the mighty Nintendo DS. The enormously popular Pokémon series graces the highest-selling handheld console of all time for one last...

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User Comments (30)



hypersonic37 said:

I hope they make it so that you can catch ho-oh like they did other pokemon in heartgold and soulsilver.



blueboom said:

I hope there is 16 gym leaders this time around and this game will have all the pokemon from various reigons while u progress the game to choose from and i hope new pokemon are ready for battle. Also with good wifi interactions.



therick112 said:

The guy at GameStop told me these are essentially in place of Pokemon Gray, so they'll be the same games with a few added bonuses.



Gioku said:

I just looked at those screenshots, and It's exactly the same as Black & White!!! WTF? I was hoping for more than that... >.>



HiddenKey said:

They are not the same. When the man looks off into the distance in white/black 1, he is next to a house.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'll get this if it has the ability to use 3DS Wifi...



Mariru said:

@HiddenKey Me too I want to walk with Pokemon but in the screenshot you don't see that... :(
I want this game, as a huge poke-nerd I must buy it! And it's really nice to have old Pokemon soon in the game. Also the girl trainer is cute (even if everyone thinks that the trainers are weird!)



DaJusticeyJDude said:

It's good that we can cacth all the pokemon from all the reigions in this one pokemon game right from the beginig, this will be a very good game as I can see, Comes out a few days before my birthday so glad about that, I can't wait for it,



Auracle said:

I pre-ordered Black 2 from Gamestop and already have my team planned out. I like that this game is a sequel instead of a director's cut style re-release.



petplayful said:

I would give this game a 10 out of 10 because i love pokemon games, has more stuff than the previous games, and last is the best out of all the pokemon games. It has a lot of places to explore. It is not the hardest game in the world. You can unlock more things in this game. There is so much pokemon you can catch in this game too.



pokemonlegend12 said:

my friend code for this game is 5201-4111-0974 and my name for the game is D. By the way if RabidPikachu sees this, i saw your friend code and added you.



EmoAbsol said:

My friend code is 1293-1738-9966. My name on it is Karyl xP Hope somebody adds meh



hadam12 said:

Add me i want to battle and is Yeezus and friend code is 4299-7065-5784



jdwag24 said:

I have the exacted same game!, But it is the first game PKMNW. I'm at
the last level but I keep losing >:(!

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