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The Giana Sisters are back!

Giana Sisters, the cult Jump'n'Run game from the 80s is back at last - now on your Nintendo DS! You will lead Giana on her greatest adventure yet and help her find her glittering diamonds in a crazy dream world. You and Giana will meet fantastic creatures and have wonderful adventures as you explore over 80 exciting levels together.


  • Over 80 levels of platforming action
  • 6 challenging bosses to tackle
  • 6 amazing areas to explore including: Caves, Meadows, Mountains, Castles, Heaven, and Hell.

Giana's dream world awaits you!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Low on originality, high on fun

Giana Sisters DS began life as a limited personal computer release called The Great Giana Sisters back in 1987. Due to the game's extremely close resemblances to Nintendo's NES release Super Mario Bros., the game was yanked from store shelves soon after...

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paygar said:

a great remake...the soundtrack is awesome...you should check this out...

take care.paygar



JGMR said:

Is the great composer Chris Hülsbeck involved like the original games? :P



StarDust4Ever said:

Thanks for the review, Corbie. I just ordered it on ebay. That makes one of several games I've bought after reading your reviews. :D

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