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Take a trip into the weird and wonderful world of Tingle as he becomes the hero of his very own adventure!

Fans of the Legend of Zelda series will be familiar with the quirky character best known for making maps and hoarding every last Rupee he can get his hands on. And now you can take control of Tingle as he sets off on a wacky quest to collect as much cash as possible and reach a paradise beyond the clouds.

The game reveals that Tingle’s obsession with Rupees began after he was called to an abandoned pool near his home by the mysterious Uncle Rupee. Tingle is informed that throwing enough Rupees into the pool will cause a tower to rise from the ground which stretches up to Rupeeland – an otherwise unreachable paradise. And so the adventure begins. Directing Tingle with the +Control Pad or YXAB Buttons, and using the Touch Screen to select items, interact with people you meet and mark key points on the game map, you must help Tingle collect as many Rupees as possible.

Money doesn’t come easily though, and you’ll have to keep Tingle in the black by battling enemies, exploring dungeons and completing a variety of tasks. You can even raise Rupees by selling the maps you have charted. But be careful - trying to sell your maps at too high a price might make prospective buyers angry and lose you a sale!

Helping you out on your travels are the friendly fairy Pinkle and Tingle’s pet dog Barkle. You’ll also have to hire bodyguards to protect you from bad guys who want to get their hands on your precious Rupees. Welcome to Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland, where money definitely makes the world go round!

•Take control of Tingle and guide him through a quirky adventure full of colourful characters.

•Use the Touch Screen to interact with people you meet, chart maps and use items you have collected.

•Hire bodyguards to protect you from the bad guys and use their special skills to reach areas Tingle can’t get to on his own.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn


When it was announced Japan would be getting a game starring the Zelda series' strangest character, Tingle, everybody pretty much agreed on one thing - it would never leave Japan. But, in a very surprising move, Nintendo decided to take the gamble and...

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Corbs said:

I like this game. Daz was kinda enough to grab me the Euro release and I still drag it out from time to time and play it. It's a shame the US still hasn't seen a release of the game.



TourianTourist said:

It's surprisingly good. I was a Tingle hater before I got my hands on this. But the humor is so awesome and it shares many similarities with a real Zelda game, gameplaywise. I especially enjoyed the environments and dungeons, as well as all the collectible items. The game really kept my entertained in a time, where I was a lot on the move and depending on my DS.

I'm looking forward to the sequel, though this one looks more like a point & click adventure, which is sad. I like the Action Adventure formula more.



ds_lover59440 said:

I have never heard of this "Tingle" series or charecter ever.
It looks weird.
This game is totally copying the Zelda Rupees, isn`t that illegal?



RegalSin said:

You do know that Tingle is just an run on to what Link would look like if he was from the western shores. They are making fun of Westerners with this character. Basically look here is Link the big man running around in tights, who is fond with nature.

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