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For generations, the Skylanders have used their magical powers and weapons to protect Skylands.

But now, an evil tyrant has frozen them and banished them to Earth. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power and bring them back to life in their world to save Skylands forever. 30+ Skylanders to Collect - each with unique abilities and powers.

Put two Skylanders on the Portal of Power and battle with your friend or go head-to-head in the battle arenas to see who is the best Portal Master. The Skylanders are so powerful that they remember their in-game experiences and upgrades as they explore the mysterious world of Skylanders, battle menacing creatures and collect treasures.

  • The new video game where toys come to life.
  • Put the Skylanders on the Portal of Power and bring them back to life.
  • 30+ Skylanders to Collect - Each with unique abilities and powers to use on their adventure to save Skylands.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

The great gig in the sky

There's something magical about a good toy. Be it an action figure, doll, transforming truck, projectile-spitting dragon or a wooden block, it doesn't matter how many removable parts or points of articulation they have once burrowed into your imagination...

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Katzii said:

I really hope that whoever reviews this game does so objectively (i.e. reviews the actual gameplay), as opposed to giving it the lowest score possible because of Spyro.



Tate24 said:

i want this!!
but need see a review before i buy it:)

Its £50 pound abit pricely sadly:(



PinkSpider said:

I bought the game on the wii today and i have been playing it with my girlfriend all day its fantastic
And Tate24, 50 quid is not that much when you think what your getting a stand alone game can cost anywhere between 35 and 40 quid
i paid 48 quid today and got a game, 3 figures 3 trading cards and the Portal. If you think about it you are only paying between 8 or 13 quid for all the extras... and it is very satisfying to switch between the characters using the portal.
The problem is now... i want to get all 32 characters and that is where the expense is going to come in.



Schprocket said:

In Oz it's been out since Thursday and I'm very surprised that none of the Aussie gaming media has bothered to review it as yet - probably have to wait for the syndicated Big Brothers in the US to do the reviews.

The bigger non-gamestore retailers over here - who'd equate to the Northern Hemi's Tescos and Wal-Marts - have been selling the starters, add-on packs, and singles for about 15-20% off RRP.
Most starter packs from these stores are currently Au$80.00 and include either a limited edition figure exclusive to that chain, or a competitor will throw in a single to 'match' the deal.

The gameplay on the 3DS - since it's different to the non-portable versions - is a 3D platformer which plays similarly to Crash Bandicoot; apologies for the non-Ninty reference but it's the only 3D platformer I've played which I can compare it to.

The graphics are nice & colourful and the game looks great with the 3d slider off and even better with the slider on.

I can't give you any sort of recommendations on how good the actual gameplay would be for more experienced platform-game players and those with a much better eye-to-hand co-ordination than I have but for the very little I've managed to have the time to play so far I've been happy with.



Qeuix said:

I can't wait to get the game its gonna be awesome im still think if i should get the wii version or the 3DS version can't anyone get me options for tht plz? Or a opinion will work too thxs



Schprocket said:

@Queix - it really depends on what you want to do. I faced a similar dilemna (or dilemma) but I own PS3 as well as the other two.

I figured I'd get it for the 3DS first since there was nothing else released (yet) that I really wanted to play on that platform and that I could always get a starter pack for one of the other consoles sometime down the track because they come with three different figures to the 3DS (whereas across the PS3, 360, and PC I think they're all the same) as well as the relevant game and portal for that platform.

When you're running each of the 'quests' you might get by with the two characters you have 'portalled' into your 3DS and can play that quest through anywhere and anytime, however you may need more than the two characters to finish a quest completely in one go and if this is what you want to do then the only advantage is that you can set yourself up anywhere as opposed to being in front of a TV but I can't see this extending to working on a bus or commuter train journey !



Tate24 said:

Each figure costs £8.99 and theres 30 in total.

Then theres the extra expansion level packs cost £20 each.

Then there starter pack seen it for different prices like 48, 50, 54 pounds.

While game looks great may wait till a price drop before buy it!

Plus game is mostly aimed at kids so could imagine game beening quite easy play through?

But reviews so far have been good and did say young heart would enjoy it!

Only problem is there no online or mulit player on 3DS version which brings in question why charge same price as home console versions which have it?
Onky reason i say that is because 2 other review said no online or 2 player? Bad source i dont know?

One good thing though is 3DS version is only game were u can jump and double jump on other version dont have it.

werid eh!



PinkSpider said:

I was wondering if anyone knows how much stuff there is for this game.

Today i went into Game and the fella behind the counter who i knew asked me if i had got the Freebie that was given away with the game when people preorderd it. I said no and he went out the back and got me a Collection piece which looks kinda like a compass. All it gives you is treasure.

But is there anything else out there that is not available to buy in the shops, that came free when you bought the game.

I have read that there are certain exclusive toys in certain shops
i.e Tesco has Exclusive Whirlwind .
Toys R Us' Exclusive is The Legendary Triple Pack containing Legendary versions of Bash, Spyro and Chop Chop
They also have The Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack

Supposedly Drill Sargeant is Exclusive to Asda

So already there are 35 Characters to collect now with the Legendary Pack.

Im wondering how much of this stuff is gonna become super hard to find and quite rare to get hold of.

I myself have now found myself a new collection that i wish to complete.



PinkSpider said:

OK Just checked E-Bay and Drill Seargeant is already selling on E-Bay for 22 quid.... Really!! already the games been out like 5 mins.



LordHymn said:

When you go into the skylander collection in the game it shows all 37 characters. The bottom of the screen in skyland also shows the four expansion toys/packs.Pirate seas,empire of ice,darklight crypt,and dragons peak.



PinkSpider said:

Just secured a Drill Sargeant Figure in Smyth's for the price of 6.99.
Will be picking that up later, only 29 more figures to go jesus!



PinkSpider said:

I got the 3DS Version now its good but the console version is better.
I'm a bit Disappointed that the 3DS version looks graphicly inferior to the Wii version,also the 3D is not that great.
But that is my opinion.



SkywardLink98 said:

Are the Adventure figures locked to the first copy of the game to use it? My friend has a couple Adventure packs and I was wondering if I could get his Adventure packs for free.



SkywardLink98 said:

What occurs to me is no one complains when new $15 map packs come to Halo or Call of Duty, so why do people complain about the prices for the Figures and Adventure Packs.

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