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Dorothy is Back!

Oz is in Trouble again thanks to the evil Jester! A new villain named Jester showed up on the scene and started kidnapping a lot of the legends of Oz! Scarecrow, Lion and the Tin Man were all captured by his flying monkeys, and now they’re being held with others against their will! Dorothy needs to recruit some new companions to help her make it to the Emerald City. With exciting new lands of Oz to explore, you can help Dorothy and become a Legend of Oz!

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jgibson75 said:

I got excited for a moment. I thought they were making the XSeed game The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road available for download for 3DS eShop. I'd always wanted that game but never found a copy. Seems this is an entirely different game based on a animated film coming this summer. Oh well.



SyFyTy said:

@jgibson75 regarding that original Oz Rpg from the DS days...i bought that game and as jrpg's go it was both unique and good. It used a virtual track ball on the bottomscreen for moving that was really fun and worked great and the graphics were top knotch, The game is/was both traditional and unique at the same time, But enough of each to make it stand out from everything else out there especially for the fan of the movie. It had many unique ideas (battle system) I would like to see repeated in other games of that genre' that were unlike anything else available to date. the story (& Graphics esp OZ) was well done and was an 8 out of 10 in my book for many reasons. Worth tracking down used if you can find it still available. I still own mine today and will keep it. I too was hoping it was related though...



slidecage said:

seems the game is a pure trash rip off of puzzle quest - the fun. see you in the 4.99 bin within few months



jgibson75 said:

Good to hear someone enjoyed it. Reviews seemed mixed. But I still want to find a copy. Keeping my eyes out for one. Again, thanks for your thoughts on the game. You've only made me want to find it even more!

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