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Marking the series' arrival on the Nintendo 3DS, Legends of the Titan introduces a wide range of enhancements and additions, including a greatly improved graphics engine with polygonal enemies and special effects designed to take full advantage of the platform's unique 3D capabilities.

As with previous games in the series, players explore beautiful yet menacing realms - each varied in flora and fauna - mapping their journey along the way using the touch screen and their stylus. No two games are ever the same, thanks to a character creation and party customization system that encourages experimentation and rewards creativity and imagination. Moreover, while Legends of the Titan - built with older hardcore gamers in mind — is still a brutal challenge and not for the faint of heart, a new Casual mode option ensures newcomers to the series and genre need not be intimidated.

"The Etrian Odyssey series is an enduring love letter to a bygone era, a time when the thrill of adventure; the rewards of imagination; and the satisfaction of true challenge could truly transport gamers to another world," stated Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Index Digital Media, Inc. "While Legends of the Titan continues to be a bridge to that past, the series now enjoys its most technologically sophisticated foray yet. Enemies are rendered in 3D and practically pounce out of the Nintendo 3DS at the player. The areas to be explored and mapped have never been as intricately detailed and memorably vibrant. The wondrous music of Yuzo Koshiro is back, fully orchestrated and as epic as ever. At the risk of sounding oxymoronic, we're proud to bring our fans the newest, most exciting old school CRPG throwback yet!"

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper


The term "adventure" encompasses many things, but Atlus' Etrian Odyssey series comes about as close as it gets to a pure, digital embodiment of the concept. Blending classic first-person dungeon exploration with a cartographic twist, these games task...

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GloryQuestor said:

Downloaded it a few days ago after playing all the way through the (excellent) demo version. It's worth checking out! :D



DrDaisy said:

Is this that game where you do that thing in that place where that other thing breathes fire?



Weedy said:

@DrDaisy No. It's the one where you do that thing in a different place and then the other thing inhales ice!



Jorzha said:

When is this game coming out in Europe? Its so annoying -.- I wish Nintendo removed region locking on the 3ds -.-

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