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True to its roots, Doodle Jump maintains the award-winning gameplay that made the original title the No.3 top paid iPhone app of all time. It also adds new content and controls providing a unique experience exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld console.

  • An action- adventure platform game based on the best-selling mobile sensation
  • Featuring the award-winning gameplay, characters, obstacles and power-ups of the original title
  • Adds new menacing monsters, diabolical bosses and helpful power-ups to this modern classic
  • NEW – Adventure Mode where the players helps Doodle save his world from the evil villains
  • Features the same Endless Mode that franchise fans know and love

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Posted by Lee Meyer


In recent years, many popular mobile games have found themselves being ported to consoles and handhelds, often with mixed degrees of success. Doodle Jump Adventures, based on Lima Sky’s smartphone hit Doodle Jump, is the latest phenomenon to make the...

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