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Players control Shantae, the hair-whipping belly dancing genie.

Embark on a brand new adventure which teams Shantae with her arch nemesis, Risky Boots! When a curse falls upon Sequin Land, Risky Boots and Shantae must join forces to battle unimaginable evil. Shantae must give up her job as Scuttle Town’s "Guardian Genie" and become a pirate if she hopes to get her magic back and save the day. As a pirate, Shantae gains new weapons and tools to advance her quest and power through monsters!

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3DSLUIGI said:

All I can say is that I can't believe that WayForward decided to make a 3rd Shantae game. And especially having it be for the eShop also makes it more worth the wait. All in all, great looking artwork as usual. Can't wait to see what my favorite spunky half genie has gotten herself into this time.



2Sang said:

I hope this comes out before fall

I'm wondering if this will help her get a shot at smash bros.



GameGoddess32 said:

I can't WAIT for this!!!!!I downloaded Risky's Revenge back when I had my DSi,and I'm STILL playing it...so I was super excited to hear about this new Shantae game..I want to download it the minute they put it up in the eshop :D



GameGoddess32 said:

@2Sang Oh wow,that would be AWESOME to have Shantae in SSB..I'm so glad they're going to release a SSB game for the 3DS...can't wait for that either :D



ouroborous said:

is this game ever coming out? i havent even heard anything in ages now and dates previously given are long past.

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