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Accept your inheritance and leave the gray city life behind – escape to the countryside!

But ... what on earth? Your grandfather's once beautiful garden has decayed. And you don't have any money. His old house's many rooms are crammed with all sorts of odds and ends, though. So you get to work, selling the stuff. News of your project spreads fast, and soon it's even in the paper. Will you manage to restore the garden to its original splendor?

  • Exclusive, gorgeous 3D garden
  • Hidden objects + building strategy
  • Lovingly drawn with elaborate animation

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Hidden Horticulture

Who hasn't dreamed of leaving it all behind, of quitting the city and hopping a train to the glorious green of the countryside? Gardenscapes plays off of this desire, casting you as the young inheritor of your grandfather's country home and garden, now...

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Lobster said:

Sounds a bit like Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville on WiiWare. I liked that game. Here's hoping this isn't a clunker!



Gioku said:

Well, I watched my Mom play the PC version, and it was decent. This should be decent, too.

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