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The Farming Simulator phenomenon is coming out on Nintendo 3DS!

Following Farming Simulator’s incredible success on the PC, experience now Farming Simulator in 3D on Nintendo 3DS! Put Farming Simulator in your pocket and play wherever you are, whenever you want, and in 3D!

Put on the boots of an actual farmer and manage a small farm before entering an incredible Carrier mode, which will put you in charge of your own farm industry! You’ll be able to use many authentic machines and vehicles, all under licenses from the main farming machines and vehicles constructors!

It’s up to you to maximize your crops of wheat, corn and rape, and to optimize your income and investments in order to acquire material and farming vehicles that will help your farm to grow under the best conditions.

Whatever your game style and your desires are, Farming Simulator 3D delivers an exciting and outstanding 3D experience which lets you live the life and face the incredible challenges of a 21st century farmer!

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Posted by Dave Letcavage

A field of dreams or a load of crop?

Say it with us…Farm-ing Sim-u-la-tor. How does that make you feel? Are you intrigued, or does it sound about as fun as, well, an exhausting day of work on the farm? If you’re questioning whether you’d personally find enjoyment in a game like this,...

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Windy said:

I have no clue how to plant the crops Once I have harvested the Pre-planted beginning crops. do they auto-grow or something? The Tutorial is not very good. Very neat game at the beginning



Freelance said:


To plant seeds, first you need to make the field ready. Normally you plow the field but you really just need to cultivate the field with a Cultivator. Plowing is an extra step that isn't needed so you'll never need to use it. After you're done with that, attach a sowing machine to the tractor and go to the seed pallets (where the seeds are of course) and fill it up with the seed you want. Then drive over to the field, lower the machine and sow away.

That's how you do it in the PC version. It should be the same on other systems.



Pixelrobin said:

It looks like 18 WOS and its open world. Getting this for SURE. Idc about the review (to come).

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