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A casual tennis game for Nintendo 3DS with simple controls that anyone can pick up and play.

The Family series comes to Nintendo 3DS with a casual tennis game that features eight playable characters and six different courts, all packed with variety. The addition of Easy Mode means absolutely anyone can play with the press of a button. Start with the Tournament mode to unlock everything in the gallery, then try the minigames: Roulette Rally, Human Backboard and Survivor. Play some doubles and make it a real show.

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

A good second service

Arc System Works, most fondly known for the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of 2D fighting games, also dabbles in the casual sports genre with its Family series for WiiWare. Those titles generally haven't been very well received, but the series' first...

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Windy said:

This tennis game gets a 9 out of 10 from me. It's got all kinds of Charm and plays perfectly. I love the fact they left all the japanese voices in the game it gives the game an import feel. I love the music and the different tennis courts. The game doesn't get overly crazy with special shots and I like that fact. I give the game a 9 only because there is no online Multiplayer play which would have given this a perfect score. This is a great pick up at 6.99 or wait for a weekend sale. if they ever have another weekend sale. They didn't have a game of the week this week. I'm not going to do a long Drawn out review i'm just telling people this game is really good plain and simple! Family Tennis 3D is by far the best game I've downloaded from the Eshop. Oh wait a second I also downloaded Mutant Mudds and The Mighty Switch Force and those are pretty darn good also.

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