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Big John Games and Gamers Digital have teamed up to create Coaster Creator 3D for the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Utilizing many of the unique features that make the Nintendo 3DS such a popular game device, players can jump right into a coaster cart seat to experience the ride in thrilling 3D. Build your own roller coasters using fast and intuitive touch screen drawing and editing controls, and share roller coaster creations with friends and online communities through the use of QR Code graphics.

Learn the ropes of roller coaster design in career mode from Gill McGee, the owner of Classic Coasters. He'll guide players through 20 Career Challenges with each player starting as a coaster design apprentice and working their way up to expert level. Along the way you will unlock new theme park locations, cart models, decals, and more!

As you learn new skills, you can put them into practice in the coaster sandbox, where it's possible to design and ride almost any roller coaster you can dream up. There are five exotic theme park locations to choose from. You’ll be able to select a steel, wooden, or inverted track type, and then draw the basic track design on the touch screen. Coaster Creator 3D will turn this design into a completed roller coaster in full 3D in just seconds.

From there you can refine and embellish your coaster in the Track Editor. With touch screen controls, you can move, bend, twist, lengthen, or shorten any part of the track in 3D. Special features like loops, corkscrews, and 360-degree twists are added instantly using the Track Editor's Track Wizard. Within the Track Editor, players can simulate the ride at normal speed, slow motion, fast forward, or even reverse to fine-tune every moment of your coaster experience. If you value the style of a coaster as much as the ride itself, then Coaster Creator 3D has got you covered. Using the Park Editor each theme park location provides players with a wide variety of park objects for decorating the grounds under and around the coaster track in the park editor. You can customize the colors of the track and carts, select from different cart styles, and apply decals or special attachments to the lead cart.

Finally, play the star-smashing Star Roller game in between your coaster creations. Every coaster you can create becomes its very own thrilling Star Roller level to ride.

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Layin' down tracks

Anyone who's ever stepped off of a roller coaster with a huge grin and an idea for a ride of their own will appreciate the immense appeal of Coaster Creator 3D's concept. It combines the classic video game experience of going really fast with the medium's...

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GloryQuestor said:

I like roller coaster creators, so this sounds like something that I'd look into, but I'll wait for the review before I decide.

Although, I'm betting this will give a lot of people vertigo with the 3D enabled. @_@



WaxxyOne said:

Does anyone else have the problem where the game crashes often, requiring your 3DS to be restarted, when selecting to do a Quick Ride in Sandbox mode?

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