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Bird Mania Christmas (3DS eShop)

Game Profile

Mojo’s adventure continues on as he struggles through the harsh winter, by-passing Santa’s elves who are journeying around the globe to deliver gifts in time for Christmas. With a boost of Christmas spirit and Santa’s hat, Mojo is more determined than ever to reach his destination!

Game Features

  • Christmas-inspired winter theme with new online leaderboards for fierce competition for the top spot
  • Fly through the icy winter full of gingerbread cookies, candy canes and pine trees galore.
  • Loads of Christmas baubles and stars to collect for points!
  • Dash into enemy birds for crazy bonuses but avoid crashing into Santa’s elves to keep Christmas alive!

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Making holiday travel fun

We loved Bird Mania 3D. Its superficial simplicity hid a surprising gem of a game that sunk its talons into us and never let go; news of Bird Mania Christmas, as you might expect, got us very excited indeed. The fact that it missed release in time for the...

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tj3dsXL said:

This game is a must-have-companion to the original if you already own it ! I dont even celebrate x-mas so its extra tacky and silly looking for me when i play it,which adds to the overall vibe/value of this two dollar gem ! The fact that it came out the day after x-mas makes it even more obscure lol !

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