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Art of Balance TOUCH! (3DS eShop)

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Grab your stylus and build a balanced stack in this physics-based puzzler!

Puzzle games must be addictive. This was our top priority during the development of the game. That's why we designed 200 levels that not only challenge your skills but also your imagination. With its perfect touch controls 'Art of Balance TOUCH!' is easy to pick up and hard to put away.

Seeking a real challenge? Then try out the new endurance mode and drive your score ever higher.

Art of Balance TOUCH! brings the ultimate 'just one more puzzle' experience to your Nintendo 3DS.

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Posted by James Newton

Art of brilliance

WiiWare puzzler Art of Balance is one of the best games on the service: instinctive and addictive, it made the well-worn act of stacking shapes feel fresh again. Now on the 3DS eShop, Art of Balance TOUCH! keeps the winning formula going.The premise to...

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Djrr-ific said:

Price is now confirmed. 7 euros it is.. don't know how much this is in GBP.. ^^

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