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A fun baseball game for the 3DS that anyone can play!

Customize your team and aim for a home run!

This is a fun, full-scale baseball game that anyone can easily enjoy, with a 3D display that makes it easy to control.

Enjoy 3 different game modes including Tournament, Exhibition and Custom.

Tournament play consists of 7 teams. Defeat your opponents and aim for the championship. In Exhibition, you can select any team and play a quick game. You can also enjoy Network Matched via Download or Local Play. In Custom Mode you can customize your players in many ways including their names and even their appearance.

There are 5 different ability types including defensive and offensive-oriented types, so you can configure your team exactly how you want. You can also attach pictures from the internal camera to a player so you can model them after yourself and have them compete. Enjoy baseball anywhere, and at anytime on the 3DS!

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Posted by Lee Meyer

Take me out to a real ball game...

Arc System Works' latest casual sports title, Arc Style: Baseball 3D, contains the same extensive customisation options of Arc Style: Soccer!! 3D, but it also retains the sluggish, repetitive gameplay and adds some new issues to boot. There is fun to be...

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Depeche said:

Thank you developers for acknowledging this sport! Will download once it is available.



JJtheTexan said:

Hope to see a review of this soon. I watched the trailer on the eShop and I honestly don't know what to think of it.



XCWarrior said:

@JJtheTexan I am also awaiting the review. Nintendo LIfe is at least the 1 dependable site on the net to get us a review of every eshop game.



ashlyquin said:

Well, I bought this game. I would have to say this is a REALLY good game. Its relatively easy to control, game play is solid, the 3d is EXCELLENT!

The 1 player tournament is pretty decent but the REAL value comes in when your playing against another person (in my case, my son). We played this for almost 3 hours straight. There is a 10 point mercy rule (which is great when I won 30-2 but the next game lost 28-1) It goes either way.

Controls are easy but you can't "speed" up the transitions from scene to scene by mashing a button.... cause your runner WILL run themselves into an out. Stealing bases is an available option as well.

You can create 2 custom teams in total (I'm still working on my 1st custom team. There are a lot of options for this.

Overall, as an avid baseball fan, THIS is the game to get for the 3DS.

I hope this helps someone out.

Running the bases is a lil tricky in that you can not press ANY buttons while the infield is being shown because pressing a button WILL make your player run off to the next base and get tagged out instantly.

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