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Has anybody else been experiencing problems with the wii shop recently?
I'm having this problem where I can't get inside the shop 5 out of 6 times... and when I get in it is often very slow... and I've had several failures when trying to download a wiiware game. This all started 2 days ago. Previously it was working fine. I am able to play games on my wii and SD card, and I can play online. Additionally every other channel works including netflix, nintendo channel, weather, internet etc.

It seemed to stop working after I had downloaded the urbanix demo and then deleted it. Not sure there is any relationship there, but I also had a bad experience with the frobot demo. I had a fatal error after quitting the frobot demo a few weeks back, but when I turned the wii back on it said the corrupt files were deleted and everything was working just fine including the wii shop until 2 days ago.

Any ideas or suggestions?




Is it giving you an error code?

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Yes. It switches between 209600 and 204038. I spoke to nintendo wi fi support and they thought my router was most likely to blame but nothing has changed with my router or wi fi setup and it's been working for years. Moreover, every other channel works virtually instantly such as netflix and nintendo channel. It's not a speed problem and I don't see what could be interfering with it since nothing new was added and it's been working for years.

I think the demo has somehow corrupted my wii shop.

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Probably just a hiccup, it happens sometimes with the Wii Shop.


Sometimes routers need to be reset after a while, so I'd try resetting it and setting it up again.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try.



I don't know if the reset worked for you, but I couldn't download the LIT demo yesterday. I kept getting an error message as soon as I attempted the download.

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I downloaded Rage of the Gladiator yesterday (demo version) and when i played the demo the screen froze and my Wii remote made a funny buzzing noise! I had to turn off the whole console at the plug as it would not reset otherwise (EU Version). Anyone else had these problems?



My downloads haven't been finishing right lately. I'll have to download a game or demo twice. Never had any problems before.

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