Topic: Whatever happened to the Pearl Harbor Trilogy?

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Seems like forever since the First one came to Wiiware. Did they decide the Wii's limited memory was too pathetic?

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I was wondering this exact same thing!
Didn't the first one come out just about a year ago? I know after that Legendo released some puzzle game about ghosts, but there is no mention of another game in the trilogy on their site, and I haven't seen any mention on twitter either..

I really hope they do release another one, or at least something similar - the Wii doesn't have nearly enough flying games. Hopefully if the original was profitable for them we will still see one more for Wii, seeing as they already have all the tech and engine running, so it shouldn't be as big an investment as the first one.

Speaking of flying games, any good/fun ones besides this and Sky Crawlers? I've got both Rogue Squadron games as well, maybe there's something good on GC I missed? ...sigh...



Some one bomb it....
too soon?

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Some one bomb it....
too soon?

use of bombs is not authorized



Maybe they abandoned it. I know it was based off a PC game and that 'full version' with all the parts is out there in bargain PC racks at Target and stuff for like $10. Might just be worth your bother going that way with it, at the least you get to keep a real copy of the game for yourself.

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The first movie was good enough. Why make more to go over the same event?

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Looks like they released The Three Musketeers on the Mac App Store this May, so I imagine they put PHT on hold while they did that. It'd be nice to have an update from eripmav though, yeah. :3

Hmm... I wonder if they're moving to the 3DS.

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I just read on facebook that they're not doing anymore "flight games", since "Nintendo has abandoned the platform".

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