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Its saying to find more gold i'm clicking on the entire screen with every button & nothings happening please someone teach me the ways of Swords & Soldiers (i'm on viking level of course)

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Although i can't help you, i must say i am jealous. i cant download and play until i get out of work today.



I have only played multi-player so far. Your workers should find gold automatically though. You don't have to actively search for it, unless one-player mode is different. Make sure you have at least one worker. The worker is always the unit all the way to the left on your top menu.

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It's an RTS, you make units, you don't just click stuff. Your units do the work, in this case you need worker units which bring bags of gold home.

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You could always use the Operations Manual, if you still don't get it. I'm not trying to make a condescending joke or anything, either; I seriously always forget there is a manual in the home menu for downloaded games.

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