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This is an embarrassing thread to make.... but I am a Pucca fan and it was only 500 points so BIG DEAL YOU WANNA FIGHT?

I made this thread because I am actually stuck, even though the game is mostly very easy. I am on stage 3-1 or 3-2. There is a part where Garu runs through a bunch of doors. The doors close behind him and you have to open them before Pucca runs into them. They either open by pushing a big yellow button, or by hitting the targets with shurikens. However there is one door that doesn't have an obvious way to open it.

Is there any chance in the universe that someone else besides me bought this game and knows how to beat this one part?



I never played that game (heck untill now I have never heard of it) but have you tried Thats where I usually go when I am stuck in a game.

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@Tasuki, same here my friend. GameFAQs almost always has whatever strategies, walkthroughs, cheats and codes you could possibly need. I recently printed out an overworld map for Metroid from there.

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That's the first place I tried. There are no FAQs and the board doesn't have anything useful.



If it's level 3-1, you have to press the last button before he goes through the door. That blocks him and Pucca administers smooches. End of level.

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I will try that! Thank you.



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