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The screens are great as they show you the different art styles found within the game.
From the screens alone you can determine some of the game's early inspirations.

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Thanks for the mention, Brutus! The game does look ace, and I'm anticipating it much more than I was Niki Rock 'n' Ball. Don't forget to see some of the first images from the game as well here
Oh, and here's the promo image as well:


It does sound awesome though, and I can't wait until we can see video footage!

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What, no opinions on this? Boooooo says the chicken.

Anyway, my condensed thoughts are as such: this is the first BPlus game whose concept has out and out grabbed me. And that's a good thing. Puzzle games are fun, but with so many cheaper entries in the genre available (and, reportedly, better ones) I skipped Plattchen. Bubble Bobble was fun but...I'd rather just buy Bubble Bobble than Niki. And I still have no idea what Vektor Tank is about.

But this is a more distinct approach. It's the kind of game that gives you a feel of what it must be like to play just from looking at it; that's one of the great things about retro don't have to wait and see, you know from the first moment whether or not you're interested.

That said, I am more than a little worried that a team of only three people is working on two games at once (this and Vektor Tank). Taking reviews of Plattchen and Niki into account, I really would rather the team devotes more time to fine-tuning (and playtesting) a single game than developing two that can be released relatively quickly.

So...I'll be keeping an eye on this one, for the first time. That's a good feeling. But I can't shake the fear that this will be another game that might have benefitted from a few more weeks of playtesting and retooling.

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It's a great concept, though I still have no idea how the game plays. The 32-bit and higher pictures look like their usual awful graphics and lack of color coordination, though, and their history on WiiWare forces me to reserve my enthusiasm. I'll be watching for more on this and Vektor Tank. With no game play footage of either that I know of, I can only say I'm skeptical, but I'd be happy if they proved that skepticism unnecessary, of course.

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Definitely more of interest to me than the previous two releases (I may still check out Niki, though).

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