Topic: I won retro city rampage! but its an NA code...

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you might remember the contest posted here a week or so ago where 100 copys of retro city rampage were given away to people who liked there facebook page. well i won a code, but its for north america and im in england, will the code still work?

ive emailed them back but dont know if they'll reply. any suggestion on what i could do would be welcome.

edit: doesnt matter now, it said only for north america so its just me being daft. first time ive won something too.. lol

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put it on.


You can put here a topic to sell your code. I could ask it for me but I already have downloaded that great game.

You can try to put the code, if it doesn´t work then is only for NOA.

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Give it to a north american friend as a gift. That or just let the code rot in the cellar, unused.

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I wouldnt mind it

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I would've won if it wasn't for you!

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Just give it to someone in North America. You could give it to a complete stranger a day after their birthday couldn't you? Just give it to an actual friend from North America, if you have one.

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