Topic: I´m unsure about VC in Wii U.

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LordLzGlad wrote:

Out of curiosity, are there gonna be 2,000 threads about the VC like there were a few years ago? How about we have a universal Wii U VC thread then

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Remember everyone, it's a lot easier for Nintendo to bring over games they made/published then it is for the ones from the various third parties. Also, licensing issues concerning several classic titles makes it hard to make an appearance on the VC. As long as we keep telling Nintendo to bring more out, they will do so and hopefully they are actively encouraging third parties like Capcom, Konami and Sega to continue releasing their older titles for the NES/Super NES etc...

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

I hope that Nintendo will finally grace us with their big arcade games and not just the console ports. I expect to see Mario Bros. and the Donkey Kong trilogy at a minimum. Punch-Out would also be interesting.

I'd definately love to see Vs. Super Mario Bros. As for Nintendo actually supporting the VC with their arcade games though, I'll believe it when I see it.



I can understand that the WiiU could have the Gamecube as another console, along with the possability of others in the future to draw from. But, considering that the N64, Master System, and arcade have barely been touched. it seems pointless to add another console to the list when what is there already has been struggling for a long time now.

If Sega lose interest in publishing games for the Master System, Nintendo are not going to step in and do it for them. Whereas Nintendo have numerous games they could and would release from the Gamecube if it were available. Are you really saying "Screw Gamecube! Give us more Master System games!"?

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