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Guys are GBA games ever coming to the VC? And should we expect Pokémon games, since gamefreak always says that the game must have a "social" experience?



I've heard you should expect GBA games to come to Wii U, but not the 3DS. When though? Probably sometime in the next 100 years seeing as Nintendo doesn't like profiting off of games that are already made.


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For Wii U? Yes, eventually.

For 3DS? Most likely not, unfortunately. Only 10 games exclusive for Ambassadors. That could change, though.

Pokemon? I honestly don't know.

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GBA will be on VC in the space century 0017 A.W. cycle 093 of the galactic federation calendar

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Yeah I meant for Wii U, forgot to mention. I don't get the delays on VC. I mean they have a bunch of great games and all they have to do is put them on the VC, it shouldn't take too much work. It could become a system seller for some people.



At this point I dont even know if Nintendo knows what they are doing. Best bet is if you want to play GBA games you can get a GBA, original DS, DS Lite or a Gamecube with a GBA Player. They said awhile ago that they would like to bring GBA games to the Wii U VC but honestly look at how long its taking them to bring Super Mario Bros 3. So I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Nintendo has such a deep library of games they could be putting on and profiting from but they're just not doing it. It's getting ridiculous. Every week we look forward to 1 or 2 games and when it finally arrives, it's usually a massive disappointment. Sony hasn't even been around nearly as long and they have a huge library of games from past consoles available whenever you want. Why Nintendo doesn't do this is beyond reason. I'd like to believe it's not just because of ignorance, but it's getting hard too.


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Regarding the "whats taking them so long" situation: I read somewhere, that emulation is giving them a hard time. I guess the new HD resolution doesnt make these games a lot prettier. Its quite easy to do with NES / SNES games, since all you need is some filtering and thats not really CPU intens.
But i dont know whats going on behind the curtains.
The VC situation is a bit slow in general. There were rumors of a shared VC between the 3DS and the WiiU, maybe they are currently working on that, slowing the general progression of the VC library down. Who knows.


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They should just release some on the 3DS. We know they work there (though they look oddly dim).

Yeah I don’t know either.

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