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LinktotheFuture wrote:

I believe the Wii version of Twilight Princess came out before the Gamecube version.

Indeed it did, but it's no secret that the game was developed as a Gamecube game, and also delayed a couple of times like any good Zelda game.

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jangonov wrote:

kid icarus,
zelda (it was on gamecube too so it is debatable)
A real pikmin not the new play control (though I hear it is good)
donkey kong (barrel blast does NOT count)
edit: those are not in any order

Kid Icarus and Earthbound are old games. I don't think they will ever be revived. And Kirby is basicly handheld series.

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I love everyones ideas! Though one awesome RPG I want to see a sequel on Wii, is Baten Kaitos or a “new” Fire Emblem.

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That would be nice; I'd also settle for a reissue of Path of Radiance for the Wii since the GC version costs more than a Wii game!

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