Topic: Wii Netwroking (and odd occurence)

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Lately, I've noticed some people in the US on CoD:[email protected] have been using their CELL PHONE numbers as their viewable username in order to network. This just sound ridiculous and potentially financially hazardous. International phone calls ain't cheap.

I feel like the desperation for a better Wii network has gone so far that people are just getting stupid now....

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I know, I actually called one cause I recognized the area code (mid-west US). The guy had me text me my FC... He then forwarded it to a list of people who had called him before and he sent me a list of like 15 FCs in one text. Wow, cool idea, but huge personal risk.

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Especially in the States which has receiver pays calling...over here it wouldn't be a big deal because people receiving calls don't pay for them, however I still wouldn't give out my phone number like that.

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