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I thought Orlick immediately when I saw the thread title.

But this is Nintendo's president saying it's not healthy, not some random forum user, so I think there's more reason to take it seriously. Also, the NES has a gigantic library of quality first- and third-party titles. Wii cannot quite attest to the same. Sure, SMB 1&3 were the big standouts, but it would have been successful regardless as it was the system with Mega Man, FF / DQ (well, these helped in Japan), etc.

I don't think anyone suggests they're on the verge of disaster, either, but just that they could be doing better, which sure, they could. You can always do better. If they want to put the smackdown on the PS3, they need more titles and especially more third-party support. I don't think the PS3 is going away though, at least not in Japan. Of course, I have to wonder how many of these PS3 sales aren't from consumers who already own a Wii, in which case it's not exactly lost hardware sales... though it does mean something for potential software sales to those consumers.

Yep, not random at all!

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Supermarioman wrote:

Not looking good for the Wii. The PS3 has brought out the big guns and is ready for battle!

Says the guy with a pile of Nintendo consoles for his avatar. What a shame.

The Wii will do just fine, so long as the latter half of 2010 is as impressive as the first in terms of big releases.

I enjoy games, what can I say other than both systems have great games coming out, its just Nintendo has less than Sony, however I did forget to mention one thing. Arguably Nintendo has more major and possibly better quality platform exclusive reasons. Next year is going to be a hard year on both Nintendo and Sony, their going to have to really step up everything so that they can keep up for each other. As for Microsoft they have Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, and Mass Eff....Scratch that, its on PC. Microsoft is the one who has to worry! They barely have any exclusives coming out and their price drop wasn't very helpful! Sony's only down by about 6 Million units and they already have a great head start. The only thing Microsoft has going for it is Natal at THE END of the year. So Microsoft should be the one that worry's, not Nintendo I should say. Plus its about to be 5 years since the 360 came out, so Microsoft wheres your next console?

they already said this console generation is going to be longer so no new xbox or wii 2

The wii is going to have a great year in 2010 software wise. they just need to advertise wiiware and the VC more.

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What it all boils down to is the fact that Nintendo is nervous about its profits dropping 50% this fiscal half. I think they're expecting far too much if they thought it would continue that trend.

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the ps3 got off to a real slow start and now that it is affordable and more good games are available for it, they kinda have almost a second launch with people who wrote it off before taking another look at it. Hell, I've been thinking about getting a ps3 myself. bluray and netflix would be nice along with games I've wanted like wipeout hd, fallout 3, and demon's souls. I loved ps2 and was disappointed in initial ps3 launch and how overpriced it was but its looking pretty good these days. However, xbox 360 still doesn't interest me at all and there is nothing coming out that looks especially exciting to me for that system.

the wii got off to a great start and has always been affordable so even with the price drop not many more people will buy wii since almost everyone that wanted one has got one. Still, sales of games for wii could be better especially third party titles. They have done or put into motion some things that may help like free internet channel and upcoming wiiware demos.

some things they need to do:

They need to put every effort to get rid of friend codes as they just add extra hassle to online games. They need to make more games themselves with online play. Not many of nintendo's first party games have online play and ones that do either aren't all that popular or are laggy. Need to set a good example to third parties that online play can be done well on the wii. They also need to push motion plus MUCH more then they have. Wii still has the advantage in being only current system with real motion control and now its pretty much 1:1 yet all they've put out is wii sports resort with 2 other games using it now and one coming out. If they push motion plus more it could get the wii more positive attention and reinvigorate the wii.

I like the wii but I think that some more effort could have been put into certain areas on nintendo's part. Still, I don't think nintendo is gonna completely drop off the map or something as it still is doing well, just not as well as previously.

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As much as I hate Sony and the PS, Nintendo needed a shot in the arm. The virtual console was becoming a total joke but lately it seems to be picking up. Nintendo needed a wake up call.




YES! Online is something that is missing big time when it comes to Nintendo. They're behind the other 2 consoles when it comes to this and honestly it's something that's becoming more and more popular. If Nintendo wishes to grow a bigger crowd this is a must!

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