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The_Fox wrote:

Just drop it and the whole thing will magically end.

in a perfect world, perhaps, but i stand firmly convinced that the furor over this game will never die.

future of NL >:3
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Metroid: Other M is the Best Metroid game ever made*
We all can agree on that!
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Rift wrote:

that doesn't explain why they suddenly gave Samus a different personality for Other M.

again, you have to tell me what specifically you're talking about. the japanese staff has viewed her character this way since fusion, like other m or not i don't think there were sudden changes.

a lot of the confusion probably comes from the fact that it's a japanese series written without consideration for how people on the other side of the world are going to see it. that's part of why retro was chosen to develop the prime games, since the games were popular in the west and the japanese staff didn't want to develop a game for a foreign culture they didn't intimately know.

the manga obviously was intended for the japanese audience and it's more reasonable to expect them to be familiar with samus' backstory. if you think of other m as anime then it makes a lot more sense, that doesn't mean that it's good but the presentation is very japanese and some of it doesn't translate well to a western audience. being vague and avoiding direct statements is a part of their culture, over here it can come off as bad storytelling.

example- never explicitly being told who the deleter is. is it a clumsy omission, or a way of maintaining the mystery of the plot and challenging to the player to think further about it?

of course the dialog and acting were still bad at times but that doesn't mean it was a bad story.

Kid_Crono wrote:

I know this...

i was clarifying what i meant since you misinterpreted my post?

about the old games, samus wasn't even a woman until the end of the first game, so you have to give them some leeway. metroid II started to develop who she was and super metroid took it further but they were silent games that didn't interject with the character's thoughts. samus' feelings weren't directly shown in that game, she very well could have been freaking out under that suit while she was fighting ridley, you don't know.

the prime games were also neutral about her character because it wasn't their story and they didn't want to make decisions about who she was. just because they didn't samus behaving the same way doesn't mean there's a contradiction, because they didn't show her acting in any way, that was the point, to be hands off with her character.

the only sudden change then is that other m decided to show you who she was instead of keeping quiet about it like the other games. her character had been finalized by at least the early 2000's, so if they had put an emphasis on characterizing her before you'd have seen the same person then.

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romulux wrote:

i was clarifying what i meant since you misinterpreted my post?

No, I saw something you remembered that was wrong and clarified for you what really happened. I know the story as good as you do, no need for a history lesson teach.

Just for you.
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@romulux: As Fusion's story progresses, Samus grows suspicious of the Galactic Federation's/her computer's motives, and her attitude towards them becomes bitter and resentful. In Other M, she's submissive and emotionally dependent on Adam. When her ship's computer has a change of heart, it points out a crucial flaw in Samus's plan and comes up with a better idea. Other M has Adam making foolhardy decisions that really don't make sense and sometimes even cause plot holes.

When the early trailers showed Samus's new characterization, I thought people were overreacting to how she was "overly emotional", and that it wouldn't ruin her character. Even after I played it, I didn't immediately realize just how melodramatic she was.

All of this is coming from someone who couldn't care less about the story, too. Maybe Team Ninja just didn't do a good job, but I'd rather not have any chances taken. I really hope that there's never another action-oriented Metroid and Other M remains the black sheep of the series.



I loved Metroid: Other M. At first, Samus was very annoying, but the last 1/3 of the game is probably one of the best games I've played in a long time. Completely cinematic, the story really twists into something great and 100%, and totally frantic. I agree that at first, it's ridiculous but the more I played, the more I warmed to it.

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Ok, so I went ahead and played the rest of Other M today (since I picked up the Prime games) and I gotta say, after about halfway through, the game got really good. Still I couldn't help but notice the Story really over shadowed the gameplay. But the Story was good so that made up for it (also the last part of the game was probably my 2nd favorite part)

My only gripe is that this game was very short... 9 Hours is all it took to beat this game and collect 41% of the items.

but all in all, I give it a 8 out of 10.

Now onto the Prime series.

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